Top auction: Fantastic green suede Banister Half Moons with tassels

Bottom auction: (1) Banister's black alligator El Greco dancing shoes

Both of them were made by Stetson Shoes.

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December 2, 2019

Above: A bidding war in a July 2019 eBay auction, with possible sniping in the last few seconds. The opening bid was $24.99. The winning bid was $282.77. Banister Shoes still command substantial prices, especially considering: 1) the used condition (except for those rare finds of New Old Stock-N.O.S.), and 2) the ages of the shoes. One can see, however, that the quality and beauty of Banister Shoes, even those made by Stetson Shoes, have stood the test of time.

Above: "Vintage Bannister (sic) Green Side Lace Tassel Pointy Toe Leather Suede BEATLE Shoe 9"

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Above: Banister's black lizard "El Greco,"a 1970s slip-on version of a wingtip called the "Pilgrim Style," with a pointed toe and a Cuban heel.