BANISTER & TICHENOR, 218 and 220 market-street. The enviable reputation which the boot and shoe manufacturers of Newark enjoy for the high quality finish of their productions, is no doubt due to the integrity of a few men, ash shown by their patience and fidelity in adhering to the better methods and processes of manufacture. The course pursued was doubtless regarded by many as impolitic, but the result is another proof that honesty, in the long run, is the best policy. Prominent among those who have done much to place the high reputation of Newark's productions on a permanent basis, is the firm named above. It was established in 1845 by Mr. Isaac Banister. In 1851 the firm name was changed to Banister & Son by the admission of Mr. James A. Banister as a partner. In 1865 Mr. Lyman S. Tichenor became a member, when the present style was adopted.

     They manufacture, exclusively, men's and boys' fine boots and shoes. The leather used in their hand-sewed goods is the best imported French calfskin, including kid and morocco.

     Each size is made in regular gradations of seven different widths, thus insuring a perfect fit. Messrs. Banister & Tichenor have been very cautious in adopting manufacturing machinery.

     They, however, make a superior grade of machine sewed goods.

     They employ 200 hands, and the weekly pay roll amounts to $2,800. The annual production reaches $300,000. The sales extend to nearly all the metropolitan cities of the Union, and is confined strictly to the trade. This firm received the only medal of merit given for this class of goods at the Universal Exposition at Vienna during 1873.

"This firm received the only medal of merit given for this class of goods at the Universal Exposition at Vienna during 1873."

178. Banister & Tichenor, Newark, N.J. U. S.


     Report.-Commended, first, for the extent and variety of the exhibit, consisting of over two hundred pairs of boots, shoes and slippers, of different sizes and styled.

     Second, for the excellence and uniformity of the workmanship in the fitting and bottoming of the work. Especial attention has been give to the proper proportions of their shoes, the forms of all lasts and all patterns used in the factory being originated and gotten up by themselves.

     We would mention the following styles, among others, as possessing special merit:

     City Troop's boots; fisherman's high grain leather boot, leg cut in one piece; morocco leg tongue boot; jockey, riding, walking, and dress boots, with box and plain toes; youths' tongue boots; bellows tongue walking shoe; double inseam cork sole shoe; Congress gaiters, in variety of styles; strap shoes, with buckles and ties; and leather and cloth embroidered parlor slippers.

37 Banister & Tichenor, Newark, N.J.

-Men's and boys' boots, shoes and slippers. Finest class hand and machine sewed. Any of the goods on exhibition duplicated on orders.   D 2-4

In 1845, Isaac Bannister began business, and founded the firm which subsequently, under the title of Bannister (Banister) & Tichenor, has done so much to places Newark in the forefront of those places which produce the very finest grades of workmanship. The firm was awarded the only medal of merit given by the Vienna Exhibition Universelle (1873) for their class of good.

Banister & Tichenor


James A. Banister & Lyman S. Tichenor

Little is known about Lyman Smith Tichenor. Newspaper articles regarding his business partnership with James A. Banister provide the few precious details of his life to be found. Apparently, Lyman S. was a superb shoemaker and an astute international businessman. His quest for quality was shared by Isaac Banister and his son, James Albert - both master cutters in the shoemaking trade, and successful entrepreneurs. The year in which Lyman and James joined forces was 1865; the city was Newark, New Jersey. As of 2020, no photographs of Lyman Smith Tichenor have been located.

W. B. (Bart) Tichenor graciously provided the biographical information contained within

(on the Founding Fathers page), in a series of emails with your host, late in 2017.

The definitive history of the Tichenor family can be found in the book,


written by Harold A. Tichenor (privately published in 1988).


Above: List of Exhibitors: 1876 - Banister & Tichenor, Shoes

"The Centennial International Exhibition of 1876, the first official World's Fair in the United States, was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from May 10 to November 10, 1876, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the signing

of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia."


Lyman Smith Tichenor

January 10, 1824 - November 24, 1881

(57 years old)