E.H. Stetson Shoe Company

1885 - 1973

South Weymouth, Massachusetts

The Stetson Shoe factory from Main Street in 1915

(From: Weymouth Public Library, Tufts Library)

Stetson Shoe Company, Main Street, South Weymouth, Massachusetts – 1930s

(This is the factory to which The Original Banister Shoes production was relocated

from Newark, New Jersey. Here, Banister Shoes made by Stetson

began life anew from 1934 until 1972.)

541 Main St. Weymouth, Massachusetts: street view - July 2015

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The fertile mine and energetic act, the constant will to do and versatility of deed - such rare endowment wrought results to make a memory and model for succeeding years.


This partnership was formed, made strong by mutual regard and trust - each the true opposite and joined in capable accord so that the praise of one echoes all action of significance.

First Stetson Shoe Co. Factory - Est. 1885

Stetson Medical Center now occupies the renovated

Stetson Shoe factory in South Weymouth, Massachusetts.

In the early 1930s (exact date unknown), Stetson Shoes purchased the James A. Banister Company. Three classic American companies were in operation during concurrent years - Banister Shoes, Stetson Shoes and Stetson Hats. Banister Shoes was founded by Isaac Banister (1845-1930). Its location was Newark, New Jersey. Stetson Shoes (1885-1973) was founded by Ezra Hersey Stetson and Arthur Clifton Heald. Its production was based in South Weymouth, Massachusetts. Stetson Hats (1865-1970) was founded by John B. (Batterson) Stetson Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

With the purchase by Stetson Shoes, Banister shoe production was relocated to South Weymouth, Massachusetts, where its building stands to this day. In the Massachusetts factory, Stetson produced its own brand of shoes as well, although not surprisingly, the Banister shoe line was of higher quality and sold at a more substantial price. Fortunately, both the final Banister “manufactory” on Orange Street in Newark, New Jersey, and the Stetson Shoe factory in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, have been preserved - to the great delight of many. It's no wonder Stetson chose to buy the James A. Banister Company for the latter's association with quality.

"Mr. E. H. Stetson will call on you."


May 19, 1934

May 19, 1934

The Stetson Shoe Company, Inc, of South Weymouth (Massachusetts) announces that it has purchased the lasts, patterns, good will, machinery and equipment of the James A. Banister Company of Newark, N J, makers of shoes for men since 1845.

The Stetson Shoe Company:

"The Last of the Giants: Sole Survivor of Over 100 Factories and Shops"

Excerpts from The Shoe Industry of Weymouth, 1933

Weymouth Historical Society:


Ezra H. Stetson

The factory underwent several expansions.

This photo shows the Stetson Shoe factory in winter - 1920s.

As of 2019, occupancy of the former Stetson Shoe factory is being overseen by the:

Atlantic Management Company

(Their photos are shown below.)

A broader perspective - showing the Stetson Shoe factory in its heyday (exact date unknown) with the Weymouth Great Pond nearby.

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Above: Stetson Shoes delivery truck

~ Boston Library archives

"Recollections of Sixty Years in the Shoe Trade"

Written by Joel C. Page

The Stetson Shoe factory from Main Street, exact date unknown. (1915-1920?)