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"The manufacture of boots and shoes for men's wear, ranks among Newark's leading industries, as to quantity and the superior quality of a large percentage of the product. So decidedly is this the case, that in every leading city and town in the United States, Newark shoes are carried by those dealers who cater to the most fastidious custom trade.

No one house has contributed so largely to this result as that of James A. Banister Co. This establishment was founded in the year 1845, by Isaac Banister, father of the president of this company, who was a thoroughly practical shoemaker, being brought up to the trade from his infancy by his father, who was also a shoemaker. The desire of the house always has been to make only the best goods, and taking the best custom made shoes as their models, they have sought to imitate them in style, fit and wearing qualities. How well they have succeeded, is evidenced by the position the house occupies in the trade after an experience of forty-five or forty-six years.

The first requirement sought of any machine, which it is proposed to introduce into the factory, is that it shall do its work equal to the old-fashioned hand manner of doing things, and no machine is used that does not come up to that standard.

Mr. Banister has always taken first-class premiums wherever he has exhibited his work in competition with others, and had a medal and a diploma given him at the Vienna Exposition in 1873, and award of merit and medal from the Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia, 1876, and a medal from the New Orleans Exposition, 1884-85."

-Newark N.J. Illustrated

"Every shoe leaving the factory is guaranteed to be made of the best materials that can be obtained with the most exacting care by workmen

of the greatest skill... These shoes were awarded the highest honors at the International exhibitions at Vienna, 1873; Philadelphia, 1876;

New Orleans, 1884-85; Chicago, 1893; Paris, 1900; St. Louis, 1904;

and Portland, 1905."


High Grade Footwear for Men

And Boys

"For nearly seventy years the firm of James A. Banister Co., 185-187 Washington Street, Newark, N.J., U.S.A., have specialized in the production of high grade men's and boys' shoes and their line now includes over 400 distinct and separate styles, made up in every variety of leather and meeting every requirement of nature and fashion. The company calls attention to the fact that they do not make extremely low-priced good, their success being based on quality rather than cost, though they claim that the former feature makes them by far the most economical eventually, to say nothing of the satisfaction to be derived from the wearing of fine-appearing, well-fitting footwear.

The policy of this concern has always been to obtain the maximum as regards appearance, durability, style and quality, so that dealers handling their product could confidentially say to their customers that the “Banister” shoe or boot was the best that could be obtained. In addition to this, especial attention has always been given to the anatomical features of their products, and while this has enhanced to some extent the cost of manufacturing it has been done because it has been carefully kept in mind that a properly shaped shoe prevents much suffering and discomfort.  This is in keeping with the maxim of the firm that “Cheap articles are often the most expensive, and the memory of quality lasts long after the price is forgotten.”

Among the most popular styles of Banister shoes may be mentioned the “Chiropidist,” which is made of black kid, with laced upper, and intended for the use of men with soft and tender feet, on account of the flexible and yielding quality of the leather. The “University” is also a laced shoe, but made of gun metal leather; it is very dressy in appearance and is much used by men who are particular as to their appearance. For business wear and for the man who does a great deal of walking, the “Pedestrian” is recommended: It is of the Blucher style and made of black willow or tan calf. A favorite model for evening wear is the “Woodward,” either button or lace, made in patent leather or velours, and the “Broadway” made of patent colt in either button or lace.

The foregoing represents only a very small proportion of the shoes made by the concern., and those desiring further particulars should communicate with the firm direct. Every shoe leaving the factory is guaranteed to be made of the best materials that can be obtained with the most exacting care by workmen of the greatest skill, and the company points to the fact that these shoes were awarded the highest honors at eh international exhibitions at Vienna, 1873; Philadelphia, 1876; New Orleans, 1884-85; Chicago, 1893; Paris, 1900; St. Louis, 1904; and Portland, 1905, as illustrating the estimation in which they are held by persons qualified to judge.

Catalogues, prices and other particulars will be sent upon request to dealers in high grade men's furnishings, shoes and clothing and merchants generally in any part of the world."

Above, Left: A stylish lace shoe for men,

made by James A. Banister Co.

Above, Right: A “Banister” low cut shoe

that is cool and restful

Awards, Accolades & Medals

"The extensive advertising this firm gave the “Banister” shoe, when the line was added to the stock of men's shoes, has done a great deal for smaller dealers up the state who carry this line of shoes in stock. A traveling salesman who was in town recently, in commenting upon the vigorous advertising of the Smith-Kasson firm, said that if he were a small dealer up the state he could no nor more advantageous thing than to add Banister's shoes to his stock."

- January 5, 1907  The Shoe Retailer  P. 61