Original Advertisements from the 1920s


These advertisements in The National Geographic Magazine provide rare

glimpses of father and son.

They are together in every image.

This is a critical distinction in any ad

claiming to be Original Banister Shoes.

Both father and son will be present

if the advertisement is original.

Beyond the family importance,

these handsome original ads

represent the skill and vision of talented graphic designers, and remarkable printing techniques

in U.S. in the early 1920s.

Artists salvaged history and

precious preservation of family,

long before the advent of

digital photography and the internet. Without the internet,

on the other hand, this website

would not exist and the

James A. Banister Company's legacy

of exquisitely-crafted shoes might have

been lost in world history.




for Robert H. Foerderer, Inc.

"For the models shown here, the James A. Banister Company selects Vici kid because it is the leather that accurately interprets the lines and spirit of the most approved styles of men's footwear." Vici kid leather: prized for "its ease and flexibility and the way it holds its color and appearance."

Isaac is seated on the right, with his son, James, leaning into him. This illustration shows Isaac in his elder years, and gives us a glimpse into the obvious respect and affection he and James shared with one another. As of 2020, no photographs of

Isaac have been located.




Above: Front cover of


June 1924

from Your Host's personal collection.

The inside of the front and back covers were

highly coveted locations for prestigious companies' advertisement placings.

Above: Front cover of THE SATURDAY EVENING POST, JUNE 28, 1925.