The Morris Canal ran alongside the Banister Manufactory in Newark, New Jersey. The history of the canal is rich and is worthy of a website devoted soley to it.

Below, are undated photos whose dates and authors are unknown.

The Morris Canal


Along this road there

once existed a part of the

Morris Canal constructed

prior to the railroad era.

It served as the main artery

of freight transportation

between Phillipsburg on the

Delaware and Jersey City.

This plaque is set in one

of the original canal stones.

Above: Colored Baptism, Morris Canal   Newark, N.J.

Above: Morris Canal boat shipmate

Above: Proposed view of the Morris Canal

Above: Four photographs of The Morris Canal, three of which show its location adjacent to the final Banister Shoes manufactory on Orange Street in Newark, New Jersey. Bottom left photo by: Henry B. Kummel, Old Newark Facebook page

The photograph, above, is a 200% enlargement of the photo above it (bottom left). Your Host noticed the name of Banister Shoes on the building and on the smokestack as she was examining this image at the higher magnification. The lamppost under which the man at the top of the bridge stands is particularly attractive. Although undated, this photograph was likely taken from 1920-1923 since the canal was filled in 1924.