Photos by Timothy J. Crist


Top left: Tower with elevator shaft, 2017 (or before)

Top right: Grey areas used to be windows

Left: Aerial with red arrow showing the Banister Manufactory. Just beneath it are two light blue rectangles. This area is the Newark Boys' Park, complete with basketball courts and a skate park. Formerly, this was a running track for the Newark Academy. Many members of the Banister family attended the academy.

Utilities: Fenced Yard Description: 5 Story Warehouse/Industrial building. Can be utilized in many ways, including, but not limited to, self-storage, office building, medical facilities, hotel, or even residential. Please consult with your architect for the best use of this property. The existing structure is solid brick-mason, which allows you to use the existing structure as a platform for future purposes. Building is L-shaped with 14 ft. ceilings. Currently has 2 elevator shafts and a couple of loading docks.

Mezzanine/Lobby ceiling is 20+ high. Around the building, space can be utilized for parking lot. The Light Rail station is right in front of the building, and I-280 is right across the street. Prudential center and Rutgers Business School minutes away. This is an up and coming area in Newark, invest today. Trulia.com

Photos by Timothy J. Crist

October 2018

Above right: Close-up from I-280

Above left: First Street

Right: I-280 overpass

Above left: Orange St. Light Rail Station

Above center: Sidewalk on Orange St.

Above right: Out-buildings adjacent to I-280 overpass

Below: In 2019, the Banister building turned 104 years old


U-Haul Renovates

James A. Banister Company's

Final Manufactory

370-386 Orange Street

Newark, New Jersey



Posted: 5/25/2016


Phoenix-based U-Haul International Inc. has purchased 10 properties in Newark, N.J., including a former shoe-manufacturing plant, that it plans to convert to self storage. U-Haul acquired the sites from 141 to 155 First Street from the city for $200,000, according to the source.

The buildings, near the corner of First and Orange Streets, include the former James A. Banister Company Shoe Factory. The abandoned structure at 370-386 Orange St. is next to the Orange Street Light Rail Station and visible from Interstate 280. Most recently, it housed Domino Manufacturing Corp., a wrapping paper manufacturer.

U-Haul is in the early stages of development, according to Jeff Lockridge, manager of media and public relations for U-Haul. The project is still undergoing the zoning process and engineers are drawing plans. “Our plan is to put our adaptive reuse initiatives to use and repurpose the building as a U-Haul self-storage and truck and trailer rental facility to serve the community,” Lockridge said.

Last year ,the factory was nominated for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places, the source reported. Designed by Frank Hill Smith Inc., it was build around 1915 and home to Tung-Sol Lamp Works in 1935. It was deemed a “model factory” by a New Jersey inspector in 1916 article in “Shoe and Leather Reporter.”

Established in 1945, U-Haul has more than 44 million sware feet of storage space at more than 1200 owned facilities throughout North America. The company's corporate sustainability initiatives, which support infill development to help local communities lower their carbon footprint, has led to dozens of conversion projects in recent years.

U-Haul's Renovation Team

for the Banister Manufactory

in Newark, New Jersey


Jeff Lockridge, Manager of Media and Public Relations, U-Haul International

Nick Mara, President of Marketing - Newark

Allan Cotto, Director of Marketing - Newark

U-Haul of Newark

  830 Broadway

  Newark, New Jersey 07104

Luis, Store Manager

Date of completion: April 2019

Above: The final James A. Banister Shoes' manufactory in Newark, New Jersey. October 2020.


Newark, New Jersey: What was once a factory in Newark's Central Ward could soon see new use.

U-Haul has acquired several properties near the corner of Orange Street and 1st Street, including the former James A. Banister Company Shoe Factory. The building, which has been abandoned for years, is located at 370-386 Orange Street next to the Orange Street Newark Light Rail Station. It is clearly visible from Route 280 near Exit 13. It was most recently used by Domino Manufacturing Corporation, which made wrapping paper.

According to Jeff Lockridge of U-Haul, the project is still in its early stages, and the company is "still going through the zoning process", and "has an engineer drawing up plans".

"Our plan is to put our adaptive reuse initiatives to use and repurpose the building as a U-Haul self-storage and truck and trailer rental facility to serve the community," Lockridge told Essex County Place.

The former factory was nominated last September for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. According to the nomination form, the factory dates to 1915, and was later used by the Tung-Sol Lamp Works beginning in 1935.

Frank Hill Smith, Inc. designed the plant and others across the country. According to an article in the Shoe and Leather Reporter from 1916, the "inspector of Shops and Factories for the State of New Jersey recently stated that he considered the Banister plant the model factory of the state".

The City of Newark sold ten additional properties from 141 to 155 1st Street to U-Haul in December for $200,000.

Above: The final Banister Manufactory - as it sits beneath the Essex Freeway and adjacent to the Boys' Park - in Newark, New Jersey. In the top right-hand corner is the Branch Brook Lake & Park. Google Maps, 2018.

Above: Newark Municipal Council record of sale at: 370 South Orange Avenue